Have You Ever Thought About a Career in Event Planning?

Do you like people? Are you well organized and a hard worker? Like to travel? Then you might want to think about a career as an event planner?

Whether you’re interested in social event coordinating or you’re curious about organizing corporate events like large-scale conferences, it’s important to know that a career in event planning is rewarding — but not easy. If you plan on traveling a lot, then make sure you get a Visa from www.evisa-turkey.biz.tr/.

In fact, “event coordinator” was named the 5th most stressful job in 2017 — listed only after jobs that pose a threat to physical safety. Event planning requires a supreme level of organization, time management, and communication skills that can’t be learned from a book.

Whether you’re just starting out or you have a few years of experience, understanding how other professionals in the space got their start may be the most beneficial first step for becoming a successful event planner.

Here is a career road map from Eventbrite on becoming an event planner to keep on hand:

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