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The other day I received a very nice email from a woman named Diana Clark, a teacher turned life coach.

Dear Dr. Bilanich

My name’s Diana Clark. The reason I’m writing to you is to say that I’m filled with a desire to write for your wonderful blog. Recently, I have subscribed to your blog and have been reading your latest “Success Tweets” ever since. I really enjoyed your quotes. Your book is the source of everyday motivation for me. I draw the inspiration from every advice you give. One quote has taken root deep inside of me – #128 (When meeting someone new ask yourself, “What can I do to help this person?” You’ll build stronger relationships by thinking this way).

I wrote an article “5 Ways to Help Others That Will Lead You to Success” being inspired by that quote. I wonder if you accept guest posts from other enthusiastic authors. If it’s so I would like to submit the article for a review.

Since Diana was so nice, I decided to publish here article.  Check it out…

In a modern workplace, many people are too focused on their own problems. No surprises here, we live in an individualistic culture that teaches us to prioritize our needs over everything. We just love being independent.

Still, in an individualistic culture, it’s almost impossible to find an entrepreneur who was able to build a successful business without the help of other people. Instead of focusing too much on themselves, effective entrepreneurs develop their employees and get clients and partners by helping them.

Today, we are going to discuss five ways entrepreneurs can help others that will help them to succeed as well.

  1. Recognition

People love to be recognized for their actions and successes. Indeed, nothing is wrong with giving someone positive recognition if they deserve it. For example, a leader can make their employees feel good about themselves by providing monetary and non-monetary incentives, awards, vacations, and prizes.

You don’t have to but an expensive gift for someone to show a recognition. Even mentioning someone in a speech during a conference or a webinar or providing an additional day-off is a good idea. The recognition provides additional stimulation to move forward and achieve more, so it needs to make an impact in your organization.

  1. Team Support

It’s unreasonable to expect people to come together as an effective team without clear instructions and guidance. If a leader wants a great team that produces excellent results, they need to support them in various ways.

For example, a leader can expect and encourage effective teamwork through recognition, feedback, communication, being committed to the professional growth of team members, and helping them to grow independently.

In addition to being supportive of the team, you need to consider the core needs of each team member. Remember, the success of any group starts with a leader, so invest your confidence, energy, and positive attitude in everyone who works for you.

  1. Knowledge Sharing

When it comes to sharing knowledge with others, there are only two kinds of people. The first kind involves those who prefer to keep it for themselves and hope that it will provide them with some advantage. The second kind shares knowledge.

People who prefer to hoard knowledge explain their motivation by the need to get that edge over colleagues. It seems counterproductive to share everything you know, right.

Wrong. First, sharing knowledge helps you grow by bringing clarity to thought processes and ideas. For example, the information that comes up while you’re sharing the knowledge helps to expand your view, thus allowing to grow professionally.

Second, sharing knowledge helps to fill gaps in your own knowledge. For example, if you’re working with a team, every member of that team can provide you with different perspectives. These perspectives could be helpful for you to reassess your understanding of something.

Third, by educating your employees, you get that edge over your competitors. If you’re an entrepreneur who needs to get ahead of the competition, take every opportunity to share your expertise with your employees to help them improve their performance.

  1. Honest Feedback

The importance of feedback in enhancing someone’s performance cannot be overstated. By giving an honest feedback, you can show the ways a person can improve. For example, it is commonly recommended to use feedback as a tool for motivating employees.

Also, when giving feedback, be sure to:

  • Identify specific shortcomings or successes
  • Link the behavior of the person to the goals of the organization or group
  • Outline ways in which the person can improve
  • Don’t layer negative feedback in between positive comments
  • Begin with neutral statement to show that the person should not be defensive

Here’s an example of a negative but honest and constructive feedback:

John, we completely understand that you are doing your best to deliver on this project. However, the meeting cannot start unless everyone arrives on time. Now, we had to skip some critical issues because we could not initiate a good brainstorm session without you. John, I would appreciate your being on time to the next meeting on Thursday. Can you please do this for us?

  1. Volunteering Your Time

Employees appreciate it when leaders take time out of their day and help them. By volunteering your time, you’re showing a commitment to their improvement, so they will be willing to do more you in the future.

It doesn’t have to be something public. For example, if your employee needs help with a project, just set aside some time to help them. It would be an easy task for you and an important help for that employee.

If you can share your knowledge with the community, organize an event, record a podcast, arrange a webinar, or make a speech in a local college.


Helping others can cost you some time but it can also show others your commitment to their personal and professional growth. Moreover, the people who receive your knowledge will do their best to help you in return. Keep these tips in mind next time you have an opportunity to assist someone, and let knowledge flow freely!


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