Here’s How to Look Good in Your Next Job Interview

Are you having trouble deciding what to wear for a big job interview you have coming up? How you dress for the interview has a huge impact on your ability to land the job, because it leaves a lasting first impression with your interviewer. By following a few tips, you can make sure that first impression ends up being a good one.

Dress Up

As a general rule of thumb, you should dress professionally even for interviews at casual workplace environments. It’s far more likely for an interviewer to think you dressed unprofessionally than for them to think you overdressed. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to wear a suit, although in certain industries, that will be what most people are wearing and you should match that. For most job interviews, you’ll be fine wearing a nice pair of black or brown slacks and a button-down shirt. A jacket and a tie are both also good choices to add a bit more professionalism.


Stick to neutral colors for the most part. Browns and blacks are good, and blue can also be a good choice. Avoid any wild color schemes or patterns. You want to present a clean-cut, professional image, not get attention with what you’re wearing. Your clothes should enhance you, not steal the show. Make sure your shoes and socks match the rest of your clothes, as well. It may not seem like a big deal, but people notice. Stick to brown or black dress shoes, and give them a good polish beforehand if they need it.


You also want to apply that clean-cut, professional style when it comes to your grooming before the interview. Now, beards and stubble have become much more common in recent years, so you don’t necessarily need to go the clean-shaven route for your interview. Just make sure that if you do have facial hair, you’re keeping it neat and tidy. Hairstyle is a personal choice, but traditional hairstyles that don’t stand out too much do tend to be better for job interviews. Your hair is an important part of how people see you, which is one reason why so many men get hair restoration treatments when they’re balding. You can also use hair building fibers in your shampoo the nights leading up to make sure your hair is thick and shiny the day of.

Any job interview is an excellent opportunity to take the first, or next, step forward in your career. Give yourself the best shot at knocking it out of the park by dressing well and presenting a professional image.


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