How Do People See You?

For years I have been telling my career mentoring clients — and anyone who would listen — that it’s important to pay attention to your image.  I call it creating positive personal impact.

This article delves into that topic.

Here’s how you can create positive personal impact.

  1. Brand yourself.  If you don’t others will.  Figure out how you want other people to think of you — then consistently and constantly act in a manner that will get them to do so.  The author of the article wanted to be seen as management material.  But by his attire and attitude the people who matter saw him as a worker bee.
  2. Dress for the job you want — not the one you have.  Take a look around.  What do senior people in your organization look like?  Dress like them.
  3. Master basic business etiquette.  This will help you present yourself as a polished professional. It will also help you relax in social situations as you won’t have to worry about making social faux pas.

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