How Software Reviews Can Benefit You When Purchasing For Your Business

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In today’s modern world, technology has made a lot of business processes easier and faster. This advancement has necessitated the creation of software for various functions, like the customer relationship management system or something for accounting, and even telephone service.

You can find several programs and apps that can improve the productivity of each department in your company. However, it can be overwhelming to sift through the choices and buy the right one. That’s where software reviews come in. Reading ones from reliable sources before making any purchasing decision can help you determine if the application has the functions you need, and whether it works well.

Here are some ways that software reviews help you make the right decision before purchasing a program or app for your business:

1. Discern Between Truthful Advertising and Shams

Sellers always put their products and services in the best possible light that there’s still a danger of misinterpretation on the part of the buyer. While not all suppliers are deceitful, you have to be aware that there are those who don’t really care about helping customers and are only in it for the money.

Reviews provide you with an objective idea of what the software is capable of and how it worked for other people. You can then make a side-by-side comparison between the company’s claims and what their customers are saying to determine whether their merchandise delivers its promised results.

2. Learn from the Experience of Others

While some business owners pay for favorable reviews, there are still authentic ones online if you are diligent with your research. Getting the feedback of previous customers allows you to learn from their experiences first-hand and assess whether you’re okay if the same scenario happens to you after you buy the software.

These are some of the best sites to visit for software reviews:

● Reapon – This website provides in-depth reviews and comparisons for over 1,200 software products. They segregated the programs and apps into more than 170 categories, such as vendor management, sales forecasting, accounts payable, financial analytics, and many more.
● Capterra – Capterra prides itself on simplifying software selection for businesses. They have a whopping 700+ categories and over 925,000 reviews. Plus, they offer free buying guides for you to make the best decision for your company.
● SoftwareWorld – The review platform has unbiased top lists of software solutions suited for various niches. They also provide a comprehensive comparison of the different choices you have depending on your needs.
● Anthony Mancuso – Anthony Mancuso is an Internet marketer whose passion is to help people find the best software for their businesses. He runs his own lead generation company and offers reviews on digital marketing tools that can boost SEO and, in turn, sales for your enterprise.
GetApp – Aside from allowing you to discover and compare programs for your business, GetApp also has a custom app recommendation service where they suggest software that has worked well for other companies in the same industry as yours.
● SoftwareAdvice – SoftwareAdvice has over 800,000 reviews and has dispensed advice to nearly 681,000 buyers. One of their services involves matching users with expert advisors who will pull up a shortlist of suppliers to accommodate your needs.
● TrustRadius – The platform guarantees 100% authentic feedback from users with no ads and bias. You can rely on them for top-quality software reviews since vendors won’t have any control over the results of their research.
● FinancesOnline – This apps discovery website focuses on business-to-business (B2B) and software as a service or SaaS solutions with software for CRM, project management, accounting, business intelligence, human resources, and help desk. They have over 2.5 million monthly readers and over 10,000 real user reviews.

3. Get More Details on the Software

The company may publish product descriptions on their official website, but they may not be able to give out the exact details on how the software can specifically help a small e-commerce business or how it can benefit a logistics service provider. With customer reviews, you can find people in your industry or niche and get a good understanding of how the product made their processes better or improved their inventory procedures based on the feedback they posted.


Nowadays, it’s no longer sensible to buy the first product or service you see online. You have to research diligently and compare several similar programs to find the right one that can fulfill the demands of your business. Software reviews play a critical role in helping you understand how the app worked for previous customers in the same industry as you.

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