How to Ask for a Raise Without Coming Across as Entitled

Do you think you’re underpaid?  If so, here’s an article from my friends at that can help you go about asking for, and getting, a raise…

Everybody in the world would like to be paid more than they do, regardless of whether they feel appreciated at work. But did you know that nearly half of Americans believe that they’re actually underpaid?

It’s a tricky situation, because we’re taught that we work in a fair system and should appreciate what we’ve got – especially when good jobs are hard to come by. It’s no wonder many workers find it difficult to ask for a raise for fear they’ll come across as ‘entitled’.

But there is no shame in figuring out the value of what you do for your company. While wages tend to be structured, profit margins are more organic – but it’s rarely the regular employee who benefits.

Approaching your boss to ask for a raise involves two main changes in your mindset. On the first hand, being objective can help to remove the mystification that surrounds levels of pay. Do some research into what other people doing a similar job earn – within your company and elsewhere. You can use a site like to get a clearer idea – and take courses and development opportunities to up your value.

Calculating what your work is worth can give you the confidence to proceed without feeling ‘entitled.’ But conveying the right impression is a bit more of a soft skill. Your request shouldn’t just be framed in terms of what you believe your work is worth, but what you feel you are achieving as part of the company. Use the word ‘we’ to reflect that your heart is with the team and that you’re keen to discuss how to move forward together.

As long as you’re well-prepared and you are willing to be flexible, there’s no shame or danger in asking for a raise. And the majority of those who actually ask get a positive reply. We’ve created a new visual resource to help you get ready for that conversation – and to present your case without fear of appearing entitled.

Isn’t it time to get paid appropriately for the work you do?


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