How to Beat Imposter Syndrome

Do you know what Imposter Syndrome is?  It’s the feeling that no matter what you’ve accomplished, you’re not good enough — that you’re an imposter, and any minute now everybody is going to find out.  Many really successful people suffer from it.

This article lists 21 things you can do to beat imposter syndrome.

For better or worse, I have never suffered from Imposter Syndrome.  I’ve always been confident enough to realize that my successes have largely been because of my hard work — and humble enough to know that many people have helped me get to where I am today.

And to me, that’s the key to avoiding or beating Imposter Syndrome.  Build your confidence by taking a realistic look at what you’ve accomplished in your life and career, and what you did to accomplish it.  I bet it’s more than you think.  But stay humble by thinking about all the people who have helped you.  There’s probably more there than you think too.

Take pride in what you’ve accomplished and be thankful for the help you’ve received.  You’ll stay centered, and you’ll avoid the Imposter Syndrome.

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