How to Become a Great Leader

Everybody is a leader.

And not only are you a leader, you’re a leader in challenging times.

There’s the economy:

As a leader you’ve got to do more with less.

Less people. Less funding.

Yet the workload remains the same – or even increases.

There are downsizings, mergers and acquisitions:

No matter what – change is a given.

If your company undergoing change, then FEAR enters in.

Your team has to stay focused and engaged in their jobs amidst change.

And then there’s YOU:

All that effort keeping your team motivated to produce great results.

A global multi-cultural competitive environment running 24 by 7.

It’s a challenge on the business AND personal front.

It’s time to LIVE your intention to go higher – without risking burnout.

Introducing Awaken Your Leadership Power  hosted by Debbi Lewis

Strategies to Create Extraordinary Results in Today’s Challenging Climate

This FREE telesummit begins October 20th!  21 days of Inspiring speakers.

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I’m really excited to be one of the speakers sharing our top strategies for success. Host Debbi Lewis is uniquely positioned to help professionals excel as a leader in corporate America. With a background in senior management at a multi-billion dollar corporation and through her mindset work as a coach, she’s got both of the key characteristics that define success: the skills to clear limiting beliefs and the structural tools to make your goals happen.

The leaders in this powerful telesummit LIVE their intention and are sharing with you the tangible and practical ways to sustain leadership at the highest level.

Listen anywhere. Implement new ideas. Get results.

Here is a list of all the speakers…

Irene Becker. Maia Beatty. Bud Bilanich. Chutisa and Steven Bowman. Anese Cavanaugh. Dianne Collins. Patty Dedomonic. Anne Doyle. Kevin Eikenberry. David Grossman. Randy Hall. Jeremie Kubicek. Lindsey Mask. Susan Mazza. Linda Naiman. Sherri Nickols, Dana Theus. Dr. Darren Weissman.

Meet any challenge as a leader.

Claim your free virtual seat now!

Here are just some of the topics we will be addressing with cutting edge ideas to help you authentically and confidently stand in your power:

  • Build and cultivate a great team and company culture
  • Effectively deal with controversy
  • Work with your emotional intelligence
  • Cultivate your professional brand
  • Develop powerful habits to get things done
  • Explore quantum thinking
  • Widen your influence and grow effective networks
  • Create a happy work-life balance
  • Evaluate yourself more objectively
  • Practice creativity in the workplace to fuel innovation
  • Awaken the mind with the Lifeline Technique
  • Remarkable Leaders adding Value

This autumn, will you take this exceptional opportunity to renew your commitment to extraordinary leadership in extraordinary times?

I can’t wait to see you there!

Your career mentor,


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