How to Become a Respected Professional

If you want to achieve the life and career success you deserve, you need to become a respected professional.

But gaining the respect you deserve can be tricky.

This article presents some great ideas on how to become a truly respected professional.

I really like the 2X2 matrix at the beginning of the article.  People with…

  • Low Competence and Low Likability are seen as an Incompetent Jerk, someone to be desperately avoided.
  • High Competence and Low Likability are seen as a Competent Jerk, someone to be mostly avoided
  • Low Competence and High Likability are seen as a Lovable Fool, someone people don’t mind having around.
  • High Competence and High Likability are see as a Lovable Star, someone desperately wanted.

People who earn the respect of the colleagues are desperately wanted.  The keys to becoming a Lovable Star are simple common sense — be competent, confident and compassionate.  The combination of these three will get you the respect you want.

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