How to Become Unforgettable

If you want to move ahead in your life and career you need to be able to keep and hold people’s attention.  This article discusses the power of the human voice in becoming memorable.

There is a lot of wisdom here.  Your voice can be one of your biggest assets or liabilities.  You don’t have to have a great voice — you just need to know how to use it well.  I have a big voice and I’m not afraid to project.  I did a talk for over 200 people last Friday and used no microphone.  I want people to hear me and my voice, not my amplified voice.

Not everybody can pull off something like this.  That’s OK.  One of the most powerful talks I’ve ever heard was given by a woman who spoke barely above a whisper.  But there was something about her intensity and passion for her subject that she had everybody listening closely.  It’s not the quality of your voice, or how loud you can project, it’s your ability to project enthusiasm for what you are saying.

I don’t want to limit my thoughts here to public speaking.  Here are two examples of poor use of voice that I’ve helped two of my clients change.

One of my clients is a bit of a Debbie Downer.  When I would see her and say, “Hi, how’s it going?” she would answer, “Just peachy” in a sarcastic tone.  One day I pointed out to her that she wasn’t doing herself any favors by using these words and that tone of voice — even if she did feel that way.  She started answering “I’m well, and you?” She told me that her boss noticed and complimented her for her change of attitude.

Another of my clients used to have an outgoing monotone voice mail message,  “This is Bob. I’m not here right now. Leave a message and I’ll get back to you.”  He changed it immediately after I left him a message mimicking his tone.  He called me and said, “Thanks for that.  It got me to see that I was coming across poorly.”

The point of all this is simple common sense.  Your voice is one of the first things people notice about you.  Make it upbeat and positive and you’ll be n your way to becoming unforgettable and the life and career success you deserve.

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