How to Build a Powerful LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is the social network for busy professionals.  If you’re not on LinkedIn you need to be.

This article provide some great information on how to build a powerful LinkedIn profile.

Take another look at the infographic at the beginning of the article.  It lays out some compelling statistics for optimizing your LinkedIn profile.  A simple photo will result in 14 times the viewers.  I must admit that, while I accept most LinkedIn connection requests I get, I often do not accept a request that is not accompanied by a photo.

The other piece of information on the infographic that really struck me was that 42% of hiring managers say that they consider volunteer experience the equivalent of formal work experience.  This means that if you’re out of work and looking for a job you should volunteer.  Not only will you stay active and connected, you will be adding to your credentials.

If you’re on LinkedIn, I suggest you print the article above and use it is as a way to enhance the quality of your profile.  If you’re not on LinkedIn, I suggest that you create an account and use the nine steps in the article to create a robust profile — don’t forget the photo.

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