How to Create the Perfect Resume for a Tech Job

Today I have a guest post from Hannah Whittenly…

Looking for a tech job after college or during a career change can be difficult. Technology professionals face stiff competition and high job requirements. Here are some ideas to help tech pros improve the effectiveness of their resumes.

Technical Summary

Most resumes start out with some sort of summary that quickly sums up the job candidate’s skills, experiences and career goals. Effective tech resumes clearly show the candidate’s technical skills, which means that hiring managers won’t have to search for this information. Bear in mind that most HR managers only spend a few seconds scanning a resume, so the technical summary should be divided into expertise subcategories that the reader can quickly scan. Possible subcategories could include hardware, programming, networking protocols, tech certifications, mobile apps and Web applications. Only list the programs and technology directly related to a possible job interview at a specific company. Some technology HR managers want candidates who offer more than technical skills and credentials. It may be beneficial to include skills related to team collaboration, interpersonal communications and project management.

Cyber Security and Mobile Apps

Regardless of the type of technology job, there are certain specialty areas that should always be mentioned in a tech resume. For example, cyber-security is becoming one of the most important goals for organizations. This is because data integrity and consumer privacy problems result in PR nightmares and loss of business. There is a growing demand for information systems security professionals, so be sure to include any training or experience in this area. Mobile app development security professionals are particularly in demand because companies need to bring mobile app technology up to speed with current desktop computer security standards. As mobile devices continue to grow in ubiquitous popularity, businesses are investing more money and time in developing these platforms. Familiarity with mobile technology indicates an awareness of current trends.

Big Data

Big data analytics is a buzzword that should be included in tech resumes because it is helping companies shape their competitive strategy and achieve new market advantages. Today’s tech-job seekers must be able to demonstrate that they will help contribute to how organizations can harness the power of business intelligence and big data analytics. Employers want tech job candidates who can understand and appreciate the real value that big data offers to those who manage risks, finances, marketing and operations. In order to convey basic analytics experience, use your resume to show how you used data to influence an important decision or increase the ROI for a project. For example, a programmer hunting for a job could explain that they collected user experiences to better understand how they interacted with software and how they interacted with other end users.

Continuing Education

Tech professionals, unlike most other professionals, must continually keep up with new product releases, industry trends and technology updates. Job hunters can demonstrate their motivation and determination to succeed by documenting their continuing education achievements. Even those who are in the process of learning a skill or language can show that they are studying in order to improve their overall competency. Some tech job hunters prefer to use their cover letter to briefly discuss a recent or current class and how it helped them professionally grow. There are many online it courses available that allow tech professionals to informally or formally brush up their skills.

Tech professionals looking to advance their careers can easily improve their resume to make them more organized and eye-catching. Doing so will catch the eyes of HR managers and secure interviews that may lead to gainful employment.


Hannah Whittenly is a freelance writer and mother of two from Sacramento, CA. She enjoys kayaking and reading books by the lake.


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