How to Deal With Office Politics

Many of my career mentoring clients tell me that they don’t like office politics and refuse to play them.

I tell these folks that office politics can be nasty and distasteful but, like death and taxes, they are a sure thing.  You will find yourself in highly charged political situations in your work.  It’s naïve — and damaging to your career — to say, “I won’t play.”  You may think you’re taking the high road, but in reality, you’re sabotaging your career success.

This article shows you how to play the political game in an intelligent and ethical manner.

Let’s review the key points in the article and my thoughts on them…

  • Create a network of allies. Do for others and they will do for you.
  • Stay true to your values.  Be honest and ethical in all of your dealings.
  • Sharpen your influence.  Focus on the big picture.  Do things to help your organization move forward.
  • Do the best job you can.  You’ll build a positive reputation as someone who gets things done.
  • Perform deliberate acts of kindness.  Help colleagues and coworkers when they need it,  Thank them when they help you.
  • Don’t gossip.  You hurt only yourself.
  • Respect others.  All people are entitled to your respect — just because they are fellow human beings. When you respect others you brand yourself as a positive person, someone whose ideas others are likely to support.

Politics can be nasty.  But you can stay above the fray, and still act in a politically astute manner.  Keep this article handy.  Refer to it when you find yourself in a highly charged political situation at work.

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