How to Explain a Low GPA in a Job Interview

A low GPA can be difficult to overcome when you’re looking for a job.  Sometimes you will get screened out by a computer before you ever can make your case in an interview.

But when you secure an interview, don’t let a low GPA derail your chances of getting the job.

The best way to not let this happen is to take a page from sales training.  Salespeople are taught how to counter objections to their product or service.  In other words, they anticipate the negative things that might be brought up in a sales call and prepare answers to address them.

This is what you need to do if you have a low GPA.  One objection you’re likely to get in an interview is the question, “Why was your GPA so low?”  You need to be prepared for this question.  Have a solid answer prepared that highlights the reasons for your low GPA.

This article provides you with some other useful information about overcoming the low GPA objection in an interview.

The best way to deal with the low GPA question is to avoid it completely by doing your best to have at least a 3.0 or better.  But if it’s too late for that, the second best way is to be prepared for the question and have a strong answer when it comes.

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