How to Familiarize Yourself With a New Industry

When you change jobs, you may find yourself changing industries. In my time, I have worked for companies in the Oil, Consumer Goods, and Pharmaceutical industries.   I was successful in all of those jobs because I made sure I got up to speed on both the company and industry as quickly as I could.

As your career mentor, I cast my net far and wide in searching for useful information to pass on to you.  This article is written to sales people but there is some great career advice in it no matter what your specialty.

I especially like the advice about jumping right in…

“Don’t waste any time — adopt a curious frame of mind, and start getting to know your offering inside and out. Familiarize yourself with technical details, learn the marketing approach, and ask all the questions you can. If there’s new hire training, take full advantage and soak up all the information available.”

Follow this advice and you’ll not only learn what you need to know quickly, you’ll also impress your boss and coworkers with your enthusiasm and willingness to learn.

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