How to Figure Out Who Is the Real Deal

If you spend any time on the internet you know that there are millions of experts out there; most of whom are willing to help you — for a fee.  Many of my career mentoring clients have told me that they have wasted thousands of dollars working with experts who provided them little or no value.

It can be hard to figure out who is an expert and who is not.  My friend Kathy Caprino has written a great article on how to tell the experts from the fakers.

I offer this up here because I hate to see anyone get taken advantage of.

I love the point that real experts have no trouble saying “I don’t know.”  I agree.  True experts are secure enough in their knowledge, skills and expertise that they will tell you when they don’t know.  Extraordinary experts will say, “I don’t know, but I will find out and get back to you.”

As the article points out, be careful of experts who every answer for every question — they may be a little too glib.

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