How to Find a Job in Another Town

In my effort to provide valuable content and ideas for my career mentoring clients, I spend a lot of time looking for good information to pass on.  I sometimes find this information in some esoteric places.  For example, this article is from a site called Law Life Coach.  It makes three very good points on how to find a job in another city.

Recently, I’ve had several of my clients ask for help in doing just that.  In today’s dual career world, many folks find themselves moving with a spouse for a new opportunity that comes his or her way.  This means that they need to find a job in a new and different city.  It can be tough.  If you’re one of these folks, you need to read this article below.  Substitute your field for the law and you will see how these ideas can work for you.

I think there is great information here — even if you’re not a lawyer.

LinkedIn is a powerful tool for making the connections that can help you land a job — in your home city, or a new one.  Use it to it’s fullest advantage.

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