How to Get Ahead as a Seller on Amazon

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Although there are many ways to actually grow a business on Amazon, there are really only two main ways to approach a business relationship. The first way that most people try in the very beginning is to launch on Amazon as an individual seller, meaning that you list products as you would in any eCommerce endeavor, and then you’re responsible for everything from taking payments to packing, shipping and following up. It’s a lot of work.

The second, and much less work-intensive, way is to become an Amazon seller with a “Fulfilled by Amazon” seller account. Commonly referred to as an FBA seller, you price and list your products, and get them to Amazon who takes over from there as they sell. They pack and ship for you so the brunt of the ‘physical labor’ is taken out of your hands. So, which is the better path to getting ahead on Amazon? Let’s take a quick look.

Let Logic Rule the Day

Consider for just a moment all the time spent on finding products to sell that you can price accordingly so that you realize a profit. The research can be time consuming, and you will not want to list every item that catches your eye. Don’t forget that you will need to crunch the numbers and then do even more research to see if that particular product is already listed by power sellers. Can they beat your price? As we said above, it can take a lot of work to find, list, close and then pack and ship each item you sell.

Logically, building a business with FBA makes so much more sense in several ways. The first thing to consider is the time saved when relieved of the responsibility of packing and shipping. Then there’s warehousing to think about. Do you really have space if you are going to be buying in bulk (wholesale) to keep your profit margin high? Wouldn’t that time spent packing and shipping be better spent researching new products and focusing on marketing your online store in the global marketplace known as Amazon?

One Huge Benefit as an FBA Seller

This is something that is a key selling point for your audience. Products fulfilled by Amazon are automatically qualified for free Prime shipping. That is truly the best benefit of all! It saves you as well. With the tens of millions of Prime members, that’s a shoe in the door every time! How many times have you clicked off a product because you had to pay shipping when the same product for a few dollars more was an FBA listing that saved you at least $5 on shipping! As the kids say, it’s a no brainer.

You pay a fee to Amazon, of course, but the price for being an FBA business can range from $0.99 a product to a flat fee of $39.99 a month at last listing. Don’t forget there are referral fees, shipping fees (if shipped by Amazon) and other small fees, but the time saved and the potential for a much larger product line is invaluable. Most FBA sellers are happy with the results.

The Key to Getting Ahead as an Amazon Seller

In the end, the key to getting ahead as an Amazon Seller is to become a Fulfilled by Amazon business. The time saved on packing and shipping alone frees you for other extremely important tasks. Not only can you research new products to add to your line, but you can spend a good amount of time building brand and marketing your online FBA business.

As the old saying goes, time is money. If you want to make money, spend that time wisely. If Amazon is capable and ready of warehousing your merchandise as well as packing and shipping, you have that much more time to build your business through product and industry research as well as in marketing your brand. It’s a matter of logic. How can you beat that?

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