How To Get Out of Your Own Way

I often tell my career mentoring clients that sometimes we’re our own worst enemies when it comes to career success.

This article describes five mindsets that will hold back your chances of creating the fulfilling and rewarding career you want and deserve.

I like all five of these points, but I particularly like this one…

“You need to get over yourself and say “YES” to any aligned, positive opportunity that will lead you forward.”

It’s true — don’t think that things are beneath you.  Here’s an example.  Even though I am a paid professional speaker, I am willing to do talks for free.  Sometimes I do free talks for non profit organizations because I like their mission.  Sometimes I do free talks as a way to market myself.  Just last week I did a talk at a local company that resulted in my landing two new coaching clients.

Some speakers feel that it’s beneath them to do free talks.  Some feel that it cheapens their brand.  I take the opposite approach.  I speak every time I get the chance.  It is a way of staying sharp on the platform, and it helps me land consulting and coaching assignments.

In other words I say yes to any aligned, positive opportunity that moves me forward.

There is another important point here too: humility.  I’m a pretty confident guy, yet I am humble enough to know that I don’t know everything.  I find that truly confident people are humble.  They are willing to learn and to help out others.  I don’t worry that my brand will be cheapened by doing free talks.  I’m confident enough in my ability as a speaker and humble enough to do something for free that helps others and keeps me sharp and moving forward.

Here’s another example.  Many of my career mentoring clients don’t want to take a lateral move.  They feel that if they don’t show a steady upward progression, they are losing out.  In almost every case, I advise them to take a lateral move — to not feel as if a lateral move is beneath them.  Taking a lateral move shows that you are humble enough to know that you don’t know everything and that you are willing to learn, and to broaden your experience.

So get out of your own way.  Take advantage of all the opportunities that come your way.  Adopt the attitude that nothing is beneath you.  You’ll find that this attitude will open many doors for you.

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