How to Get the Appreciation You Want and Deserve

It’s great to feel appreciated.  But lots of folks feel underappreciated.  This article lays out five things you can do to get the appreciation you want and deserve.

The first one — show appreciation for others — is a great way to begin.  I often tell my career mentoring clients that it’s important to hang out with positive people and that the best way to attract positive people is to be a positive person yourself.  Appreciation works the same way.  If you want people to appreciate you for your efforts and accomplishments, begin by showing appreciation for others’ efforts and accomplishments.  Pretty simple, when you think of it — but too many people don’t give what they want — in this case appreciation.

The career mentor point here is simple common sense.  Appreciate the efforts and accomplishments of others — and you will be on the road to gaining the appreciation you want and deserve.

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