How To Get the Promotion You Deserve

I tell my career mentoring clients that there is a big myth about career success and climbing the ladder.  It’s simple — “Good performance is enough.”  Unfortunately good performance is just the entry into the career success sweepstakes.  You have to actively manage your career.

This article provides you with some solid information on how to get a promotion.

This is great advice on how to land a promotion.  But let me go one step further and give you my four sure fire tips on how to manage your career.

  1. Get Clear — figure out exactly what you want out of your life and career.
  2. Get Committed — take personal responsibility for your life and career success.  Do whatever you need to do to succeed.
  3. Get Confident — build unshakable self confidence by doing the things that frighten you.
  4. Get Competent — master career enhancing competencies like personal branding, communication, relationship building, teamwork, life and stress management.

If you can get clear, committed, confident and competent you’ll be on your way to creating a successful and fulfilling life and career.

Your career mentor,


PS: I am committed to helping you develop these four critical career management skills.  So much so that I have created a career success membership site that, as a reader of this blog, you can join for free.  Just go to, and enter your information.  You’ll get instant access to a dynamic and growing community of success minded professionals.


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