How to Get Traffic From YouTube

This is another post for my readers who want to be, or are, internet entrepreneurs.

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. Standing out amongst hundreds of millions of videos on this platform is hard. The competition is real and fierce here.

Just like you, I find that it’s important to get users to spend some time on your business site.

However, now could be the perfect time to promote your YouTube channel. Well, you might be wondering how it is possible during this COVID-19 situation, but I’m pretty sure this statement will not get nullified, at least in the near future.

If you’re not getting the expected amount of views, likes, and subscribers on your YouTube channel,  you can try out these tactics

YouTube SEO

The majority of people discover content on the internet based on keywords. The way you optimize your content on Google, the same way you can do it on YouTube. You can use a variety of SEO methods, such as using keyword planner or keyword research tools. The video description box is the most informative and descriptive part of YouTube content. The users get to learn about your video from there. Also, YouTube tags help you to distinguish your content easily. Input as many keywords as you want in the description box and tags. But try to be generic while doing that and capture the interest of viewers.

This is an effective way to optimize your traffic and overall ROI. Optimize your playlists and make sure it shows up in the auto-suggestion box.

Direct Lots of Links to Your Videos

Take advantage of the promotional tactics to make people know that your channel exists. Here’s another trick. Add links to your web page inside the content. Authority websites directing links to your videos will add value. You can also add links to your channel header. You can come up with interesting anchor texts and click baits to make it look more enticing.

You can search up the keywords in or Tubebuddy before inputting them. Also, always keep an eye on the video settings.

Use Descriptive and Keyword Rich Titles

The most efficient placement of keywords on YouTube is in the titles. Descriptive, informative, and interesting titles attract larger audiences. Also, keywords are like magic; the more keywords are inserted, the bigger opportunities it creates for exposure.

For example, your video is about acrylic colors. Instead of using one acrylic color keyword, insert a network of keywords such as paper, pencil, colors, paintings, drawing, pots, vibrant, and end up with…

“using acrylic colors for painting vibrant pots made easy”. You will create a huge door for searchers to search you through your content.

But do make sure to give the viewers a reason to visit your content, or otherwise, you will be back to square one.

Optimize Your Thumbnail Image

Your thumbnail is the first thing that pops up when someone searches for something. A catchy and interesting thumbnail image can work like wonders. Try to portray high quality, meaningful, and close-up facial expression images on the thumbnail. The fonts play a major role here as well, so be a bit mindful about it while using fonts on thumbnails.

Use Autoplay for Embedded Videos

You can set videos and even playlist on autoplay by embedding them at the end of some videos. Add codes to the end of the URL in the iframe to enable this feature. This feature can also generate attraction for your under-rated videos. Do this for some specific videos only as this feature sometimes may annoy some users.

Reply To a Popular Video

There’s a feature on YouTube that can be used once, which is replying to a YouTube video. You can leave a video comment that references your video. This method can be used to generate more traffic. But as it can be done once, choose wisely and choose a very popular video. By doing this, millions of viewers will notice your video when they visit that popular video.

Experiment With Ads

Even though YouTube Ads may come off as annoying to the viewers, they really work, and it’s the best way to benefit a business. Research says that 43% of the new customers are generated from YouTube advertisements.

Create 360° Videos

Did you know that 360° videos have a 14% higher ROI than a normal video?

If you didn’t, well, now you do. Mainly 360° videos are good for travel shots, sporting events, or live streams.

So, you can give this form of video-making a try. It’s worth the effort.

Create Killer Content to Get More YouTube Views

No matter how strategically you do your promotion, if the content is lackluster, you won’t get views. Maybe your content might get some initial views, but they won’t be able to retain the viewers. You can buy YouTube subscribers, that is if you think you need that extra boost.

If you think your video is not getting the exposure it deserves, don’t be disheartened. Just put more effort into making the content. Try to deliver more high-valued and informative content routinely. Provide content that will create value for the viewers.

Use Cards

Visit the advanced section of your YouTube channel to link up links to your official website. Enabling this feature isn’t hard. Moreover, this encourages viewers. Implement the card tactics on under-rated videos of your channel to get more views on them. YouTube behavioral analytics is an amazing tool to follow up on. So, do try to make the best use of it.

Create End Screens

Another golden trick is showcasing your other related videos on the end screen. If you link your other videos to your most-watched videos, it creates a huge network of interlinking videos. It can rank up your other playlists, videos, and even your website. To use this optimization feature, go to your video manager, click edit on your selected video, and then click end screens & annotations, and voilà, you’ll be able to link other contents.

Use a Call-To-Action (CTA)

Always keep reminding your viewers about what you want out of them- whether it is subscribing or sharing or liking or commenting or clicking links. This simple action of CTA can boost up your channel’s overall growth as well as work as a promotional campaign.

Timing (Under 5 Minutes)

Sometimes, viewers get really bored while watching prolonged videos. This might result in a reduction in the number of subscribers. So, keeping the video length short may attract more viewers. Experiment with the video content in a timely fashion and see the difference.

Upload Frequently

The best way to retain your viewers is to keep updating them about the niche you are working in by uploading videos routinely. But you do not want to compromise on the quality of the content. The reduction in the quality might risk you losing subscribers. So, the best way to deal with this is by setting a suitable schedule and maintaining it.

Cause hey, more quality videos = more views, right?

Find Niche Communities

You can find a wide variety of communities and Facebook groups to share your content with. If your video is about guitars, share your videos in the music communities. If it’s about cats, then share it with the animal or pet societies. You can also offer giveaways and promotional gifts in order to gain and pedal interest in your subscribers.

To maximize your viewership, following the aforementioned strategies is crucial. It is important to be patient, as getting views on YouTube takes time. Try to implement the strategies one by one and see how it boosts your content rankings. Also, once you build up an active subscriber base, try your utmost to retain them.

Best of luck!


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