How to Have a Tough Conversation With a Teammate

No matter how good working relations are on your team, every once in a while you’ll find that a colleague doesn’t come through.  That’s when you’ll need to give him or her some feedback.

This article, while written to leaders, gives you some great advice on how to provide a colleague with negative, or as I like to say, redirection feedback.

The five steps listed in the article…

  1. Prepare
  2. Describe the Problem
  3. Explore and Acknowledge Their Viewpoint
  4. Summarize the Problem and Causes
  5. Problem Solve for the Solution

…are a great way to provide feedback to a colleague who has let down the team.

You don’t have to be a manager to use this technique. You will strengthen relationships within your team by providing candid, constructive feedback. Joint problem solving makes it easier to address problems and resolve issues.

Try this simple five step progression the next time you have to give negative feedback. It works!

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