How to Impress Your Boss

One of the biggest myths regarding career success is “Good performance is enough.”  Good performance is NOT enough.  It is merely the price of admission to the life and career success sweepstakes.

People who get ahead have mastered a set of career management competencies.  One important competency is your ability to manage upwards — to build a strong relationship with your boss, and to help him or her look good.

This article lays out four things you can say to your boss to strengthen your relationship with him or her.

All of these tips are great common sense advice.  I particularly like the first one.  Go to your boss with solutions, not problems.  When you have to present him or her with a problem, present a solution.

One of my clients is the head of Supply Chain for a very large (Fortune 25) company.  He has over 30,000 people reporting to him and operations all over the world.  He also has a little plaque on his desk that says “DBMAPWOAS.”  When people ask him what the letters on the plaque mean he says, “Don’t Bring Me A Problem Without A Solution.”

There you have it.  If you want to build a strong relationship with your boss, bring him or her solutions to problems you’ve identified.  If you want to build a super strong relationship with your boss, identify solutions to problems he or she is facing.  Focus on being a problem solver and you’ll not only build a strong relationship with your boss, you’ll be on the road to the life and career success you want and deserve.

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