How to Leverage Your Network to Take Advantage of Employer Referral Programs

I was having a discussion about recruitment and retention in the MBA HR Management class that I teach at the University of Denver.  Most of the students are working adults.  I made the point that employee referrals are one of the best ways to source candidates.  We then had a discussion of the employee referral programs at their companies.  With the exception of one or two students, who worked for very small companies, everyone of their employers had some sort of an employee referral program.  Some companies offered up to $1,000 for a referral that resulted in a hire who stayed with the company for at least six months.

Obviously, employee referral programs are a great way of finding a job.

This article provides some common sense tips on how to go about tapping into an employee referral network at a company in which you’re interested in working…

Employee referral programs are a powerful job search tool.  Start tapping into them today.

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