How to Look for a Job in a New City

Today’s young professionals are a mobile group.  But moving to a new city can be challenging, specially if you don’t call a team like Redmond movers to help you. I’ve asked my friend, British Solomon, for her best advice about how to go about planning a move.  Here’s what she has to say.

As a young professional, there comes a point in your career when you consider changing companies, and relocating. There are important and pertinent questions to ask yourself before deciding to move. Moving for a job is a big decision that shouldn’t be made in haste. If you are contemplating relocation, start by asking yourself these five questions:

  1. Does the Move Benefit My Career?

Before making the big move, consider how the new job affects your career. Is this move a promotion? If not, is there opportunity to move up in the company? Will I be learning new skills that will benefit me in the long-run?

Other questions to ask yourself include: If the job doesn’t work out, will I be able to find another one quickly? What additional benefits (insurance) does the company provide? Will I be able to save money? You need to be able to support yourself no matter where you decide to relocate.

  1. How Much is Rent? How High is the Cost of Living?

Do some research and figure out how much it is going to cost to live in the new city. Living in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, is definitely going to be much cheaper than residing in Atlanta, Georgia. Even with an increase in your pay, you truly may not be able to support yourself in a bigger city.

How much is rent? Are taxes different than where you live now? There are cost of living calculators online that will do a side-by-side price comparison of the two cities, including: housing, food, gas prices, entertainment, etc.

  1. How Much Will It Cost to Move?

Even if your company provides you with a relocation package, there are a lot of hidden fees you need to consider before you decide to move. For longer distances, is it worth moving your furniture or are you going to buy new furniture? Are you facing a climate change, and have to buy a new wardrobe? Will you be able to drive your car to your new destination, or have it shipped? Are you currently renting an apartment? Does it cost to break your lease? Do you have to sell your house, or should you rent it? Moving can be expensive, even with the assistance from your company.

  1. What are the Transportation Options?

In most cities, cars are the main mode of transportation. In some cities though, residents get around by train, tram, bus, or subway. Cars are expensive to store in these areas, and parking may be at a premium. Are you willing to give up your four wheels in your new city? Are you comfortable relying on public transportation to get around? Will you feel safe?

  1. Will I Enjoy the Entertainment and Attractions of This City?

Outside of work, what other characteristics attract you to this city? If you are an athlete who enjoys snowboarding and skiing, Miami may not be the best place for you. It is important to enjoy the city you move to – with ingenuity and a sense of curiosity, you should be able to find compatible pastimes in your new locale that will help balance your life.

You are at an important and crucial crossroad in your career, and the choices you make at this time will greatly affect your future. Use these questions to make your decisions wisely. Chances are, you will flourish at the location you select, but it is important to thoroughly consider all aspects of relocating before you move.

British Solomon is a contributing writer and media specialist for North American Van Lines. She regularly produces content for a variety of career and lifestyle blogs.


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