How to Make Sure Your Social Media Presence Helps You Get the Job You Want

Tweet 67 in Success Tweets says, “Demonstrate self respect.  Be impeccable in your presentation of self — in person and online.”  This is especially true when you’re looking for a job.  You’ve got to show up for interviews looking your best — everybody knows that.

But as we move further and further into a world dominated by social media it becomes increasingly important to make sure that your online persona helps, not hinders, your job search.  Most employers will google you if they like what they see on your resume.  Make sure that your online presence impresses them as much as your resume.

This article suggests seven things you can do to use social media to your advantage.

Let’s focus on tip 3 — write compelling bios.  Most social network sites have a space for a short bio. Make sure your bio presents you in a professional manner.  Include keywords relevant to your industry or the types of jobs you’re looking for. Keep it short but interesting.

For example, I my LinkedIn bio I share the fact that while my grandparents never went to school, I have a Harvard PhD.  I share this information because it gives readers a glimpse into who I am — a working class guy who made the most of the opportunities afforded him.

Your online presence can be a major factor in deciding whether or not you get invited to interview at a company.  Use the seven tips in the article to make sure your online presence presents you as the professional you are.

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