How to Make the Life Changes That Will Lead to Your Career Success

I’m a big fan of the Savage Chickens cartoon blog.  I find a lot of great life and career success there.  The cartoon that ran yesterday is a great example.

Chicken 1 – “I wish my life was different.”

Chicken 2 – “So try something different.”

Chicken 1 – “Nah. Too much effort…My laziness is stronger than my imagination.”

This is both funny and sad.  It’s sad because too many people live their lives this way.  They say they want change – or success, but they are not willing to put in the time and effort to create that change or success.

If you want to make some life changes, or get your career moving in a positive direction, you need to remember three simple words: Commitment, Confidence, Competence.

Commit to your success.  Get the job done with what you have – not what you would like to have.  Use failures and setbacks as learning opportunities.  Don’t give up.  Keep moving forward.

You can’t make life changes or succeed in your career if you don’t believe you can.  Confidence begins with optimism.  Positive people will also help you build your confidence.  Hold on to the positive people in your life.  Spend time with them.  By the same token, jettison negative people.  They will drag you down.

There are some career and life competencies that you’ll need to succeed.  Become a great commuicator – in coversation, in writing and in presenting.  Learn how to build strong, long lasting mutually beneficial relationships.  Become a lifelong learner.

I discuss these three points – commitment, confidence, competence in my book Your Success GPS.  You can get a free copy when you join my career mentoring site.  Just go to and submit your information.  You’ll get a copy of Your Success GPS and lots of other great life and career success advice.

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