How to Make the Most Out of Your Promotion

I write this blog to help people create satisfying and fulfilling careers.  A lot of the time, this means helping them get a promotion.

But getting a promotion is just the beginning.  Every new job comes with its own set of challenges.  This is especially true when you make the leap from individual contributor to people leader.  Kevin Eikenberry is an expert in helping people make the transition from “bud to boss.”  In this article he provides seven great tips for making the most out of a promotion.

I really like Kevin’s second tip about goal setting.  He suggests that you set three types of goals as you enter any new position:

  • Role goals, in which you focus on what you want to accomplish in your new position.
  • Organizational goals, in which you focus on how you will help your organization achieve its goals.
  • Personal goals, in which you focus on what you will accomplish for yourself in your new role.

My career mentoring clients will tell you that I am a big advocate of actively managing your career.  That’s where personal goals come in.  Yes, you need to set goals for what you will accomplish in your job, and how these accomplishments will enhance your organization.  But you also need to set goals  which focus on your career.  In any job, you need to look for the opportunities for growth and to showcase your skills and abilities.  If you don’t set personal goals for your new job you will be shortchanging yourself, and doing a poor job of career management.

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