How to Make Your Job More Satisfying and Rewarding

Many of my career mentoring clients tell me that they  don’t enjoy their work.  They find going to work every day to be drudgery.

This article spells out three ways you can take charge of you job and enjoy it more.

I particularly like the third point — Reframe the way you think about work.

If you dread Monday’s and focus on the fact that you have five days of work before you can get back to doing what you really like to do, you’ll never be very satisfied at work.  On the other hand, if you begin to see the bigger purpose in your work, you’ll find it more satisfying and rewarding.  The zookeeper example in the article is a great example of this.

I admit that I have been fortunate.  I have always had jobs that I’ve enjoyed.  Going to work was never drudgery for me.  I also realize that I am in a lucky and small minority of people.  I’m writing this on a Saturday morning.  It doesn’t feel like work I have to do.  It feels like work I want to do because I’m helping other people create successful and fulfilling lives and careers.  I’ll be writing some more tomorrow.

I urge you to look for the greater, bigger purpose in your work.  When you find it and latch on to it, you’ll find that your work will become more rewarding and satisfying.

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