How to Manage Conflict With Your Boss

People often argue and conflicts arise – this is just human nature and it will exist as long as there are humans on this planet. However, it can become a bit tricky once those conflicts start to be destructive, especially destructive towards you. One of the main conflicts that we may have is with our superordinate – boss and parents. This article will discuss several things that are important to know if you enter a conflict with your boss. Furthermore, it will show you how to manage the conflict and still make everyone happy.

Pick your words carefully

The first and the most important thing is to try and avoid contact before it can potentially arise. Therefore, if you think that you managed to somehow ruin your task, it is of utmost importance to inform your boss about it. You should show a certain amount of assertiveness, but you still do not want to come off as negligent. Therefore, you need to prepare carefully what you are going to say to your boss, and if you know his personality, you will know just what words to avoid when reporting. Mind you, it is very important not to lie; therefore, do not confuse picking the right words with lying.

What are other co-workers going to think of you?

Sometimes your boss just isn’t right and everyone knows it – you and all your colleagues. However, often is everybody scared to approach the boss and tell him that something is wrong in order to avoid conflict. You want to be that person who tells how things are, directly to your boss. This way, you will gain popularity among co-workers and, hopefully, with their support your boss will change the way he/she thinks.

Always approach your boss at the right time

All humans have those days when they do not want to talk to anybody because they are sad, irritated or just plainly angry. Therefore, you should get to know your boss’ feelings as soon as they enter the office. Try looking at him/her when he is angry, and see what his/her behavior is like. After a while, you will be able to see immediately whether your boss is in a good mood or isn’t. Needless to say, you should always approach the boss while he or she is at their best.

Be sure that you did everything right

Before the possible conflict arises, you need to be sure that it was not you who made a mistake. This is the only possible way to solve conflict in a civilized manner because your boss will eventually see that you did a good job and that it was not your fault.

Take out your boss for lunch or for a drink

The thing is, people behave differently during the work and in the private life – you may not have noticed but you do it as well. Therefore, it is always a good idea to take out your boss and buy him lunch, or just a drink and have a casual chat with him/her. What you will see is that your boss is also a human being and that he/she also has problems in their private life just as you do. This lunch should make you friends in private life, but the relation at work will stay the same. Or will it? Your boss will likely consider your requests and listen more carefully to you afterwards, definitely.

Listen to the advice your boss gives you

Pieces of advice that your boss gives you are sometimes useless, but most of the time they are for your own well-being and you need to accept them as they are. Remember – both you and your boss have one common goal and that is to do better work, achieve more and improve relationship with one another. In other words, your boss may not be Dalai Lama wise but he will at least try to educate you in order to do a better job and to have better connection with you.

Remember that your boss is still your boss

Simply, you must listen to your boss and his orders, no matter what. If you do not like the way he does his job, you may try some of the techniques mentioned above or just change your job and have another boss.

To sum up, being a boss is not easy and neither is being a subordinate to the boss. If the conflict between the two of you arises, use one of the suggestions here in order to solve your problem and improve your relationship with your boss.

This bit of career advice comes from Michael Gorman an editor and proofreader at Proessaywriting. You can contact him via Facebook .


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