How to Nail Your Next Interview

You’ve  worked hard to land an interview for your dream job with your dream company.

You don’t want to blow it.

This article lists six tips to help you nail an interview/

I like all six of these tips, but I particularly like the first one — act confident.

Self confidence is a key to life and career success.  It’s especially important when it comes to interviewing.

Act as if you expect to be offered the job and you’re more likely to get an offer.

Tweet 54 in my career mentoring book, Success Tweets says, “Fake it till you make it.  Appear to be self confident and others will treat you as if you are.  This, in turn, will boost your confidence.”

It’s a funny thing, when you act as if you’re confident — even if you’re not — people will treat you as if you’re confident.  This will make you feel more confident.  Acting as if is powerful.

So, go to your next interview determined to act confident and you’ll be more likely to get an offer.

Your career mentor,


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