How to Overcome the Overqualified Problem

Recently, a few of my career mentoring clients have told me that they’ve lost jobs they thought they nailed in the interview.  In each case, the recruiter told them that the company liked them, but thought that they were overqualified for the position for which they applied and that they might be likely to leave them shortly after they were hired.

This can be a problem if you’re an experienced professional.

This article suggests what you can do to avoid the overqualified problem.

I love the advice in the article….

You frame your resume to focus less on titles and years of experience and more on relevant hands-on skills. You let the interviewer know why that specific role appeals to you and how it will help you grow and how your experience will help the company grow. You include a summary at the top of your resume clarifying why you want that specific role and how it fits into your career path. The role in question isn’t a placeholder until you find something better. It is a part of the career you are building. You hit them over the head with information stating “I want this role, I will grow in this role, do not be daunted by my past experience, it is an asset, not a hindrance.”

I like it because it encourages you to be proactive.

Following this advice won’t guarantee that you’ll land the job, but at least you will know that you did your best to address an issue that is often unspoken in an interview.

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