How to Put Yourself in Line for a Promotion

Getting promoted takes much more than simply heading to work and putting in the long hours. A management team must see an employee as an invaluable asset that will inspire growth from the moment they move up. Whether you are hoping to simply change to a new department or finally start climbing the corporate ladder, here are some tips that will help you make your way toward your dream position.

Start Doing the Jobs Others Are Forgetting about
Taking the time to figure out what jobs the other employees are forgetting about or are unwilling to do can help you quite a bit in the long run. Being able to show your superiors that you can strengthen the team as a whole by taking care of the unpleasant jobs is an excellent trait for a potential manager and is great for showcasing your initiative.

Stay Consistent
A consistent worker is more valuable to a company than almost anything else. Doing a single spectacular job might get you a pat on the shoulder, but consistently producing excellent work will put you at the head of the line for a promotion. Anyone who is hoping to get promoted must do everything in their power to ensure their superiors recognize them as a consistent and reliable employee.

Slip-and-fall injuries are less likely to be fatal, but they can still result in serious injuries. Slipping or tripping is a hazard in almost any occupation that doesn’t involve sitting at a desk.

When workers fall at a work site or while performing tasks that are part of their employment, they are entitled to slip and fall workers compensation benefits. Even if an employer blames the accident on an employee’s clumsiness, the employee is entitled to workers’ compensation benefits without regard to fault. Be sure to go to and be safe.

Continue Acquiring New Skills
No matter what your academic background might be, it is never too late to enroll in a program that relates to your industry or desired position. Whether it is a master’s of science in project management or economics, being able to give your employer tangible proof that you are improving yourself and acquiring new skills will undoubtedly set you apart from all other employees in your company.

Keep out of Office Politics
It might seem like a good idea to jump into company politics in order to win some points with your boss, but that type of plan will almost always backfire. Even if you try to align yourself with the management team, you will most likely alienate your coworkers. Once you are finally ready to be promoted, taking control of a team that no longer trusts you will be nearly impossible. If you do have a problem with a coworker, then you should always go through the HR department or appropriate channels first.

When it comes to getting promoted, patience and determination are key attributes. In order to get your boss to recognize your hard work, you must make it clear that you are ready to put your company first at all times.

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