How to Show Employees You Appreciate a Job Well Done

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Recognizing your employees for a job well done is the fastest way to boost employee job performance. In a challenging economy, recognizing your employees that go above and beyond is smart. Employers can also keep longtime employees with job incentives. Many employees appreciate the effort of being recognized among their peers. Employee appreciation is celebrated among small and large employers. Would you like to honor an employee weekly, monthly, or at the end of the year? An employee of the month is the most commonly used employee appreciation incentive among employers, and it gives them an opportunity to let each of their employees stand out.

Employee Appreciation Incentives

Giving your employees incentives can take many forms. For instance, crystal awards allow you to honor your employees with something tangible for their excellent job performance. The award may not be as important to them as the recognition. However, the award is something they can put on their desk that will motivate them to do their best each day. An employer can include their name and years of service on the award. Plus, an award is reasonably priced, can easily be engraved, and all the work is done for the employer.

How To Give Out An Employee Award

There are several ways you can honor your employee with an award. An employee can give it to them personally with a professional letter. Personally recognizing your employer is a great idea for an employee that may shy away from formal recognition. You can also pass a trophy around to the employee of the month. However, an office party is always a great way to recognize your employees because it gives them an opportunity to take a break from their busy day. It also gives them a chance to be honored among other employees. Food may or may not be served, but a cake and beverages is a very inexpensive way to make it a small gathering.

If you have an employee expense account, a venue or hotel will be a great place to give out employee awards. They offer space for your entire work crew along with the inclusion of your corporate professionals. In fact, you can also have an employee recognition party while hosting a great meal. Best of all, you can contract them to do all of the cleaning for you. Never spend more than your company can afford on employee recognition events.

There are other ways to coach your employees to perform their best with incentives. You can simply include a professional letter that includes the signature of all the department heads. Let them know what you value most about their service and include a professional, but personal tone to express your sincerity. The letter should also come on department letterhead and include the employees years of service. You can mail their letter of recognition to their home address (and take them by surprise) or hand deliver it at the office.

Many employees will also get gifts, like a gold watch, to recognize 25 years of service or more. These gifts are usually given at a ceremony. You can have the watch engraved with their name. If you’re interested in rewarding a group of employees at one time, employee appreciation can be celebrated by hosting a sports event. Allow everybody to take a day away from the office by participating in a golf tournament, softball team, baseball, or basketball game. This is also good for honoring work anniversaries. Appreciation will show in their increased daily momentum and create dedicated professionals.

The Small Business Administration (SBA) says employee recognition will always matter. It will also keep your employees happy. You should always show your employees the measurable impact they have on your business. A good employer relationship will also enhance your employees home life and make it easier for them to perform their best. Appreciation will influence all of your employees to do well. Trustworthy employees should also be rewarded. For example, if they handled an important account successfully, you can always honor your employee with some type of incentive (i.e. bonus check). Find out how your employees would like to participate in employee appreciation by taking a brief office survey. Learn more about appreciation awards and incentives by visiting online today.

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