How to Write a Disruptive Cover Letter

Some see cover letters as a necessary evil — “Please submit your resume and cover letter.”  It’s tempting to dash off a quick piece — “Dear Hiring Manager, I am interested in the xxx position for which you are recruiting.  I have attached my resume.”

But smart job seekers spend time crafting a unique cover letter for every job in which they’re interested.  My friend, J T O’Donnell, at Work It Daily, has put together a great article on how to write a disruptive cover letter — one that will get read by recruiters and hiring managers and will get you an interview.

You can check it out here.

On the other hand, you might wonder: Who can write my cover letter for me? – Don’t get upset. Let experts write a letter for you at

Another option is to create a video cover letter. To the uninitiated, a video cover letter is a brief intro of yourself to the recruiter talking about your education, experience, accomplishments, passion, hobbies, or anything that will grab their eyeballs.

Most video cover letters last a minute, and it is extremely easy to create one. All that you need is your mobile phone, an internet connection, and an appetite to create something unique and stand out from the crowd.

Video cover letters are also a great channel to showcase your genuine side to the recruiter. Display your natural expressions to them as they love nothing more than a candidate who is not faking through their profile.

Now the next natural question is how do I create a video cover letter. This is where this handy guide from IntroMagic can help you, as it has covered the steps to create a video cover letter along with some dos and don’ts while creating one.


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