How to Write a Powerful LinkedIn Connection Request

LinkedIn is a powerful tool — both for finding a job, and for staying up to date in your field and industry.  As a career mentor I get lots and lots of LinkedIn requests.  I accept most of them.  I tend not to accept requests without a photo and with limited information in the profile.

But I am more likely to engage with someone who sends me a request that is more than the default one — “I’d like to connect with you on LinkedIn.”  I appreciate it when someone takes the time to tell me how they know me and tell me a little bit about themselves and why they want to connect with me.

This article gives you seven great tips on how to write a great LinkedIn connection request.

When I suggest that they follow this advice, some of my career mentoring clients tell me that it is too much work to write individual LinkedIn connection requests.  While it does take a little more work to personalize your connection requests, like most things, you will find that you will create better connections if you take a little extra time and expend a little extra effort on your LinkedIn connection requests.  That’s the way the world works.

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