How Two Way Radios Can Benefit Your Small Business

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Communication is important in any business. All businesses need good, reliable communication in order to avoid problems.   Two way radios are one of the newer pieces of technology that enhances communication and makes the lives of workers and employees much easier.  This article will provide you with an in depth look into the various functions of a two way radio, including how two way radios compare with other modes of communication such as cellular phones.

Ease of Accessibility

Late communication is a major issue for businesses. Your business could lose a lot of money as a result of a missed phone call or a busy line. Many business issues can’t wait or even worse be missed. Two way radios offers a solution for these issues. They are always with the person who owns them, making it difficult to miss important calls, and much more efficient in case of emergencies.

Another issue is the problem of being left on hold or getting a busy signal because of an existing call. This can cause a lot of problems in the case of emergencies or when urgent decisions must be made. Two way radios address this issue by adding the feature of group calls. They can hold up to 15 callers at the same time with exceptional quality.

Many problems can be prevented by easier and more reliable communication between coworkers. For example, if one of your employees faces a grave issue, it would only take a moment for everyone else to get word of it and act upon it before any extra damage could occur. Two-way radios minimize the problems that can arise as a result of poor communication. Often, cell phones are not as reliable due to things like poor reception or a crowded network. Two-way radios help your employees and workers stay connected and be in tune with each other.  They create more room and time to fix any issue no matter the situation.

Network Issues and Discreteness

As I’ve said  cellular service comes with problems. Two-way radios offer a solution provide your people with the ability to communicate at all hours of the day, no matter the location or the area. The access that two way radios offer help you manage communication between workers and employees no matter when or where they are. Also, they come with GPS settings that can help with coordinating your workers and bringing them together for more efficient work.

Two way radios are discrete. They offer various options for nonverbal communication such as text messaging, proving to be quite useful when team members are trying to minimize noise or commotion in environments where noise is an inconvenience.  In addition, two way radios have clear vocal transmission. They offer added filters to clear the voice more than what would find with cellphones or other modes of communication. Voice transmission enhancement is needed in environments where it is incredibly noisy and could affect one’s work.

To Summarize…

Two way radios are technology’s answer to some of the issues we face every day with communication in the workplace, on worksites or on the road. Features like ease of accessibility and compactness, solving network issues, and vocal enhancement make them ideal for communicating when workers are not in the same place.  You might want to consider them for your business.

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