How You Can Become More Likeable

I’ve made a career out of being likeable.  When I started my consulting, coaching and speaking business in 1988 I had a simple marketing plan — get people to like me.  I figured if people would like me, they would trust me.  And if they would trust me, they would hire me.  You know what?  It worked?

Do you ever watch Shark Tank?  I watch it all the time as I find it interesting to see how investors think. “What is your customer acquisition cost?”  is one question that comes up over and over again as the sharks are grilling business owners.  I always smile because I’ve been in business for over 25 years and my customer acquisition costs are zero — other than the time and effort I put in to get people to like me.

I have benefited greatly from being likeable.  This article suggests five ways that you can become more likeable.  Check it out…

I like all five pieces of advice in the article.  I particularly like the idea of doing five minute favors.  Helping others is one of the best ways to become likeable.  When I go to networking events, I’m always thinking about what I can do for the people I meet — not what they can do for me.  Coming from this perspective I end up connecting lots of people.  Connecting people boosts my likeability — because any time those folks see one another, they think of me and how I connected them.

Five minute favors don’t have to be connections.  They can be anything that helps out another person.  When I attend a meeting I always help clean up the table afterwards.  Some people notice and pitch in too.  Others are oblivious and think that the empty coffee cups, water bottles and discarded note paper will magically find its way into the trash can.  When I’m in a super market parking lot, I always return my cart — and I’ll ask other people, especially mothers with kids or older people — if I can return their carts.

Five minute favors are like smiles.  If you train yourself to be helpful, you will be more likely to do it automatically — just like smiling.  I urge you to do at least one five minute favor today — and tomorrow and the day after.  You’ll be on your way to branding yourself as a likeable person.  And likeable people get ahead in this world.

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