How You Can Become More Memorable

Networking – do you see it as a necessary evil, or something to look forward to?

Personally, I like meeting new people, so I am comfortable in networking situations.  On the other hand, I know many people who aren’t.

This article lays out nine tips for becoming more memorable at networking events — and in general.

These are great tips.  Use them, and you will become more memorable.

I have three more to add….

First, enter a room looking confident.  Stand up straight, smile, look people in the eye.  You will radiate power by your posture and approachability by your smile and eye contact.

Second, use the 2/3 — 1/3 rule in conversation.  Listen 2/3 of the time.  Speak 1/3 of the time.  People will appreciate you paying attention to them and what they have to say.

Third, always be thinking about how you can help people you meet.  When you help other people they will be apt to return the favor.  I am good at connecting people.  That’s how I am helpful.

Here’s an example.  I am a member of the Denver Press Club.  I have a student in one of my classes who is the Managing Editor of the Clarion, the University of Denver student newspaper.  I go the club every once in a while for dinner.  Last week, I invited the Managing Editor and his number two person to dinner at the club in order to introduce them to the club president.  The evening we were there, the Colorado Press Women were having a networking event.  I took advantage of this to introduce the female student to the woman who was running the event.  She made some good contacts that will help her in her career.  Both of the students were pleased to meet the club President.  He invited them and their entire newspaper staff to a young professional event that is coming up soon.

I didn’t get anything out of this — except feeling good about helping a couple of students.  That’s OK.  Being a believer in the power of spreading positive Karma, I know that something good will come back to me.

The important thing here though is that I became more memorable that evening — to the club president, one of the women in the Colorado Press Women’s club and with two students.  My network continues to grow — and that’s a good thing.

Your career mentor,


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