How You Can Get More Informational Interviews

Members of my career mentoring site know that I’m a big believer in the power of informational interviews.  However many people struggle with exactly how to go about generating them.  This article presents a simple template that you can use to help you line up informational interviews…

I like the template.  I like Aja’s breakdown, in which she tells you why each sentence is important, even more.

And, her point about going the extra mile is really important.  The taco truck example says it all.  By taking the time to learn about the woman she was contacting, Aja was able to dangle a bit of information that set her apart from all of the other people asking for informational interviews.

It all comes back to doing the work — in this case taking the time to learn as much about the person to whom you’re writing as you can.  Taking an extra 15 minutes to do the extra work that most people won’t do, brands you in a positive way.

Try out Aja’s template.  Then leave a comment telling how things worked out.

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