How You Can Get More LinkedIn Recommendations

You know you need to be on LinkedIn right?  You probably also know that you need to be active on LinkedIn — create a great profile, keep it updated, join groups, participate in them, send connection requests to people in your field and industry.  Most people know that need to do these things.  Some people actually do.

Recommendations — not endorsements — are a LinkedIn tool that are often overlooked.  I admit that I don’t do a good job of asking for recommendations, or writing them.  This article shows you how to go about asking for — and getting — solid LinkedIn recommendations.,

As the article points out, many prospective employers look at your connection to recommendation ratio.  I’m glad I’m not in the job market these days because mine is terrible.  I have over 500 connections and two recommendations.  I bet you’re the same way.

The article suggests that you should ask for recommendations from people who know you and your work — and it does a pretty good job of showing you how to go about doing so.

I think that there is another way to get LinkedIn recommendations — write recommendations for other people you know well.  This is the pay it forward principle in action.  Writing a recommendation for a friend, colleague or client brands you as a helpful person.  Most people will reciprocate — even if you don’t ask them to do so.

I’ve mentioned one of the chapters I contributed to a book called 42 Rules for Creating WE called “There is No Quid Pro Quo in WE.”  The idea I tried to get across in that chapter is simple.  We live in a quid pro quo world — you do for me, and I’ll do for you. I suggest that you break that paradigm.  Go first — don’t wait for someone to do something for you.  Do for others without being asked, or expecting anything in return.

This principle applies to getting LinkedIn recommendations.  Write recommendations for others, and they are likely to reciprocate.  You can still put the ideas in the article to work and ask for recommendations, but get the ball rolling by writing recommendations for people you know, trust and respect.

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