It’s Fun If You Say It Is

You probably know Russell Simmons.  He’s a music, film and TV producer, clothing entrepreneur and all around cool guy.

Recently, I saw a great piece of advice from him…

It’s fun if you say it is.

You may be wondering what this has to do with life and career success. Fair enough.  But the answer is pretty simple.  Too many people dread too many things.  Some of the members of my career mentoring site who are out of work tell me that they dread looking for a job, redoing their resume, attending networking events, going on interviews.  Others tell me that they don’t like some parts of their jobs.  Some of my students tell me that they don’t like writing papers, working on group projects, or making presentations.

I understand, but it doesn’t have to be this way.  Remember, it’s fun if you say it is.  Whenever you find that you don’t want to do something you know you need to do, decide that it’s fun — not an onerous chore.

If you don’t like working on your resume, decide that it’s fun to see many interesting things you’ve done and how much you’ve accomplished.

If you don’t like networking events, decide that it’s fun to meet new people — and to get some free nibbles.

If you don’t like something that you have to do for your job, decide that it’s fun.  Make a game of it, see how fast you can get it done, and done right.

If you’re a student who doesn’t like writing papers, decide that it’s fun to do so independent research and learn something new.

If you don’t like working in a group, decide that it’s fun to bring a lot of diverse ideas together into a coherent whole.

If you don’t like speaking in front of a group, decide that it’s fun to share your ideas with other people — and to back in the applause afterwards.

In other words, choose to have a positive attitude.  Choose to see the important things you need to do to move your life and career forward as fun, not just as something you have to do.  I write this blog five days a week.  I like doing it.  For me, it’s fun.  But even if it weren’t I would decide that it’s fun because it’s important to my personal mission of helping as many people as I can to create the life and career success they deserve.

It’s up to you — onerous chore, or fun activity?  You’re in control.  Remember, it’s fun if you say it is.

Your career mentor,


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