It’s Never to Soon to Become a Mentor

I’m a big fan of mentoring.  After all, I am your career mentor.

Most of my readers think of mentoring from the receiving end — someone mentors them.

I’d like to encourage you think of it from the giving end — mentoring others.

It’s never too soon to become a mentor.

If you’re in college, you can mentor a high school student.  If you’ve just graduated from college, you can mentor a college student, and on and on.

Choosing to help someone else by becoming a mentor is a great way to brand yourself as a positive, helpful person.

This article provides some valuable tips on how to become an effective mentor,

All of these tips are helpful, but I particularly like the one about not doing the work for your mentee.  You’re there to help and advise, not to do the work you mentee needs to do to become successful.

Your career mentor,


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