It’s Time to Begin Thinking About How You’ll Succeed in the New Year

Every year as we move into December my inbox gets flooded with advice about how to succeed in the new year.  Make sense.  New year, new beginning — all that.  A lot of these articles are a rehash of the same old stuff.

Not so this one.  It provides a different perspective.  Check it out…

I like all six pieces of advice.  I particularly like numbers two and three — do the things you don’t like to do, and keep trying.

Both of these take persistence.  Doing what you don’t like to do helps you get better.  Keep trying demonstrates your personal commitment to your life and career success.

Let me use myself as an example…

I’m an old school guy.  I like the written word.  That’s why I blog a lot.  I get a chance to put my thoughts in writing and hare them.  However, video is the new medium on the internet.  I don’t like producing videos as much as I like writing.  But I know I need to do produce videos for my career mentoring clients.

So beginning next year, members of my career mentoring site will begin receiving videos from me.  I’m sure I’ll get better as I go along, and I’m sure I’ll get to like producing videos.  But that will only happen when I keep my commitment of doing them.

Second, I’m sure that some of my early videos will flop.  When this happens I’ll learn what I can from the experience and keep trying to do better.

Hopefully, you’ll join my career mentoring site and be able to watch first hand as I put myself to the test.

Your career mentor,


PS: You can download a free copy of my popular book Your Success GPS at  When you do, I’ll begin sending you daily motivational quotes.

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