Job Hunting Tips for Older Workers

Most of my career mentoring clients are young professionals.  However, I have a few who are boomers — just like me.  People over 55 sometimes have a very difficult time finding a job — even though they are hard working and have great experience.

My friend, Kathy Caprino recently published an article on that has some great advice for older job seekers.

If you are in the 55 + category, you need to read this.

Even though it seems as if it is a young person’s world, older workers (and I include myself in this category) have a lot to offer.  When you’re applying for a job, focus on your experience and your willingness to share it with others.  Also, stress the fact that you are willing to learn from your younger peers.  This will help you come across as a team player — and everybody wants and needs good team players.

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