Just Say YES to Your Career Success

Recently I did a blog post for Jennings Wire called “Say Yes to Your Success.  You can see it here.

A couple of days ago, my friend Joseph Bernard did a blog post called “Just Say Yes.”  I like what Joseph has to say.  Here are a few of Joseph’s thoughts on the things to which you should just say YES…

  • Yes to this moment, be present, live now – this is where all the happiness happens, the seeds get planted and doing gets done.
  • Yes to the voice of your heart – your heart is full of deeper wisdom and endless love.
  • Yes to pursuing your desires – desire is a driving force towards you more fully expressing all that you are.
  • Yes to being – life is about being present to it, you can just be and what is to happen will arise from that.
  • Yes to exploring your creativity – you have within you a creative urge to express your unique gifts and greatness.
  • Yes to prosperity and abundance – this flow is also about opening, willing to receive and not about willpower and determination.
  • Yes to following your intuition – this inner voice is true knowing you can count on and when followed everything is possible.
  • Yes to following your passion – the fire of passion takes you on a journey that is full of aliveness and rich with satisfaction.
  • Yes to living with purpose – you have a powerful purpose, if you get stuck wondering what to do, start opening your heart and mind.
  • Yes to exploring life as an experiment – each day is full of new possibilities; why not explore everything you can.

Joseph has listed many more things to which you can say yes.  You can see them in Joseph’s entire blog post at http://www.explorelifeblog.com/blog/2013/4/24/just-say-yes.html/

Keep saying YES, and you will create the life and career success you want and deserve.

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