Keep Trying

Michael Shepherd is the Chairman and CEO of BancWest.

Here are his here best pieces of life and career success advice.

  • Whatever you’re going to be, be a good one.
  • Respect the nobility of all work.
  • As a golfer would say, find it and hit it again.

I like all three pieces of this advice.  But I really like the third one — “find it and hit it again.”  In other words, keep trying.  I spent a lot of time on gold courses when I was young — carrying other people’s bags.  I even got a caddy scholarship to help pay for my undergraduate education.  I prided myself on being able to find errant golf balls so my golfers could hit them again.

Even the best golfers hit bad shots.  The very best golfers put these shots out of their mind and concentrate on hitting it better the next time.

Successful people do the same thing.  When they make a mistake, they learn what they can and put this knowledge to use.  They hit it again, and again.  Tweet 38 in Success Tweets says, “Don’t let a slow day get you down. If you come back empty handed in your quest for success, get up the next day and keep working.”  In other words, find it and hit it again.  Keep trying and you’ll succeed.

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