Key Tips for Driving Traffic to Your Website

This is another posts for my readers who are interested in becoming entrepreneurs.  In previous posts, I have focused on the importance of a web presence for any business.  This post provides some advice on how to drive traffic to your website.

Starting a website for your business is no longer just an option nowadays, it is a requirement. You need to be attracting more leads, by reaching out to as many leads as you can so you’d want to drive users to visit your website. SEO (search engine optimization) is important here.  My friends at iquanti have some good ideas to drive traffic into your website.  Hashtags are also helpful.  My friends at Taskant are great helping you find and use the right hashtags.

Conquering the search engine result pages or SERPs is a surefire way to drive traffic into your website, but how do you achieve it? Here are some tips to help you achieve a high-level internet presence:

  1. Create Quality Content – Turn potential leads into actual customers by providing them with quality content that’s relevant, engaging, informative, and most of all, persuasive without getting too preachy. This is one reason why content writing is becoming a more significant career in the digital marketing field nowadays. An excellent content writer knows the importance and the impact of the website’s content in driving more traffic and strives to produce only quality output.
  1. Power Up with SEO – When it comes to gaining an advantage over SERP rankings, SEO or search engine optimization is your primary tool. More than just quality content, an effective website should also be packed with keywords. Some of the common ways you can use SEO are as follows:
  • Headlines – Optimize your headlines with rich keywords and H1 meta-tagging. This helps search engine crawlers identify your content’s topic and its relevance to the searched terms.
  • Descriptions – The meta-description or the text below your headline should also be keyword rich. This helps push your ranking up on the results page. 
  • Image Tags – You can also optimize images by using descriptions that are relevant to your content and the possible search strings.
  1. Keep Content Updated – With constant improvements and innovations going on, it’s important that you also keep your website updated. This will keep your users or readers on top of things, and it also makes your website more relevant. If you have anything new to share or changes and improvements, be sure to feature it as well to keep users excited.
  1. Use Long Specific Keywords – Online users prefer to use super specific terms when searching online to find the information they need immediately. Take advantage of this by using long-tail keywords on your website. These are keyword phrases that contain words specific to location, names, dates, or any particular data that is relevant to search terms.
  1. Have a Guest Blogger or Influencer – Famous bloggers and online influencers have gained a certain number of followers online through the years. You can have a prolific blogger on the same niche as your website to write content for you. These content writers have the writing chops that are proven to drive traffic into their websites, so this should be a good investment in case you’ll need to pay them for it. You can also have a credible internet celebrity mention or endorse your website. He or she can help relay this to his or her existing followers.
  1. Syndicating on Medium and LinkedIn – If you’re a prolific content writer yourself, you can have a content featured on free online platforms like Medium and LinkedIn. These websites have thousands of users and readers whom you can direct to your website by having it linked to your content.
  1. Link Internally – A website’s bounce rate is a measure of how long users visit and stay on your website. One way to keep a low website bounce rate is to direct them to other web pages on your website. You can do this by incorporating internal links on your content.
  1. Take Advantage of Social Media – Social media websites are now part of the norm. It’s only natural that you pay attention to these platforms as they can be an excellent source of leads. Here three ways to drive traffic from social media:
  • Use Hashtags – Hashtags can serve as a funnel or filter on social media sites when users are searching for content on the platform. So, post relevant content and pick a common hashtag to come with it.
  • Start an Online Community – Create social media pages for your existing followers or customers. Try to maintain a sense of exclusivity, which is also appealing to some users. This is where you should share your updates, engage your followers, and address their concerns.
  • Facebook Ads – You can directly post banner ads or posts on Facebook that will feature your product and your website. You do have to pay for this and also comply with existing policies.
  1. Email Marketing – Starting an email marketing campaign is also a good way of promoting your website. You can send newsletters, announcements, and more to your existing customers to keep them visiting your website. If your email content is worth sharing, customers can send it to their friends. You can also start an email outreach campaign to invite potential leads to check out your website.
  1. Sign Up to Review Sites and Marketplaces – An excellent online reputation goes a long way in attracting more leads to visit your website. You can do this by gathering great reviews from previous customers through review aggregate sites like Yelp or online marketplaces like Thumbtack and HomeAdvisor.
  1. Make Your Website More Robust – A web page that looks cluttered or fails to load quickly can cause users to leave in an instant, which means you’ll have a spike on your website’s bounce rate. This isn’t going to help drive traffic to your site. So, be sure to make your website responsive, quick to load, easy to navigate, and viewable across different devices.

The key to your success in driving traffic to your website lies in your ability to see through your customer’s point of view. No matter how amazing you think your website is, if it fails to satisfy your audience, it won’t be any good. The competition for website traffic can be grueling at times, but with persistence and the right strategy, you can get that target eventually.

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