Looking for a Job? Set Yourself Apart. Do Something That Only 7% of Job Seekers Do

I was doing a webinar yesterday and got to chatting about Equinox CEO Harvey Spevak’s success advice — “Put yourself in a position to be lucky.”  During the webinar we got to talking about exactly what that advice means.

In short, it means being willing to do things that most people won’t do so you are more likely to get a “lucky” break.  And face it, getting a job takes some luck.  A lot of things have to come together.  You have to find the right job and company.  You have to make the right connection.  You have to get past the ATS and in front of a decision maker.  You have to interview well.  But people land jobs everyday.

This article shows you one more way to position yourself to be lucky….


Do you have a personal website?  Only 7% of job seekers do.  A personal website builds your on line presence.  It is just another way for people to find you.  You can add the url to your email signature, right above or below the link to your LinkedIn profile.  You can check out my personal website at www.BudBilanich.com.

I suggest that you follow the five steps laid out in the article.  Start slow, a one or two page site is fine.  You can build it out as you move forward.

Set yourself apart by doing what 93% of people in the job market won’t do — build a personal website to highlight you credentials and experience.

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